October 22nd, 2010

The Weekly Rewind

Wearing Dress Shirts

Whether you are looking for a shirt to wear casually or wondering what to wear to a black tie event, A Man Fashion explains everything you need and more. This blog walks you through attires such as business casual, business formal, and formal while explaining what shirt is appropriate, what price ranges you should expect, and what tie you should or should not wear.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Classic Timeless has an quick and interesting post about using cell phones. Many people have not learned proper etiquette when it comes to the timing of answering a call, text, or e-mail, especially while in the middle of a face-to-face conversation with someone. A text is not that important; they can wait. If you have trouble with this, you are not alone. I used to get yelled at during dinner almost every night (and still do whenever the parents come see me at school).

Not for the Faint Hearted

From 1817-1920 (prohibition), America enjoyed the taste of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This type of Guinness is brewed with extra hops, giving it a much bolder flavor. After 90 years without the extra stout Guinness, the beer has returned to the states and is available at your local liquor store. Ben at Gear Patrol authored a write-up about this newly released beer.

Dress to Impress. It’s Interview Season

If you’re a college Junior, Senior or “Super-Senior,” the time has come to look for your summer internship or full-time position. Companies are recruiting at campuses all over the country, interviewing the best of the best to join their team. His Fashion Eye recently wrote an article on how to dress for your interview. Check it out and good luck landing your dream job.

Shopping Help

All — well most — guys hate shopping. On Tuesday, the guys over at See Jack Shop posted a quick article giving 5 shopping tips for guys. It could be very helpful and save you some cash.

Photo1: a-man-fashion.blogspot.com, Photo2: gearpatrol.com


October 15th, 2010

Some Reading for the Modern Man

Men Love to Eat:

At some point in every man’s life, they are going to find themselves going out on a date. The Art of Manliness has an entertaining blog post on how to master the art of the date. Be sure to check it out here.

Be Casual:

In response to a reader’s question, Dennis from Made to Measure gives a detailed rundown on classing up your casual wardrobe. Lose the baggy jeans and lose the cheesy graphic tees. Don’t buy jeans with rips or stains. But, buy one dark pair, one light pair, and they will last for years. Check out everything else Dennis has to say about a casual fall wardrobe.

Pulling Off the Rugged Look:

Be unrefined, but not unkept. Choose traditional, “box” cuts rather than the recently popular skinny look. Oh, and don’t be afraid to throw on a muskier cologne. Interested? Here it is.

Watches I Wish I Had:

If you’re at all interested in watches, you have to check out Hodinkee. They have an interesting blog with a wide range of articles, this particular one being a feature on Michael Jordan sporting his Urwerk 103.03 watch. I wish I had that kind of money to blow. Here is the watch the MJ bought as a thank you present for a Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach…wow.

Google TV:

Have you seen Google TV? Sony announced today that they will soon be issuing pre-orders for the new Sony HDTVs equipped with Google TV. Among plenty of other features, Google TV allows search right on your TV for anything from live TV to recorded shows to your favorite YouTube video. Check out what Gizmodo had to say.

Photo Credit #1: artofmanliness.com

Photo Credit #2: hodinkee.com

October 8th, 2010

Weekly Blog Roundup

100 Days of Ties:

Will at Momentum of Failure is in the middle of a 100 day commitment to wear a tie to work in his casual work setting. In an effort to bring back traditional classiness to the workplace, he is urging others around the world to do the same. All he asks is that readers send in pictures (like this guy at The Effortless Gent) of their more formal day in the office.

The Social Network, Sean Parker:

Have you seen The Social Network yet? I just saw it on Saturday, and I highly suggest seeing it. In the film, Justin Timberlake plays the part of Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. Parker was heavily involved in the early stages of Facebook, but I’ll stop there so I don’t ruin the movie. Anyway, check out this blog post over at Men Style Power on the real Sean Parker who is apparently quite generous in real life. Very interesting article, especially after seeing the movie.

The REAL Sean Parker

Showing Some Skin:

When it comes to button-downs, there seems to be widespread confusion on the correct way to wear them. Do you only unbutton one button, or two…or three? What about if there are buttons on the collar? I always see people with those unbuttoned, but I was told growing up that I wasn’t supposed to do that. How do you think button-ups should be worn? Thighs Bigger Than Your Head gives their take.

New Ways to Shave:

Whether you are an electric razor guy like me, or a fan of the classic razors, you need to check out this blog post over at Be Better Guys. Michael Gillman from GroomingGuys.com gives his take on the two best razors on the market today, as well as, in his opinion, the best electric razor. Christmas is right around the corner, I may have just added something to my list.

Photo Credit: menstylepower.com

June 14th, 2010

Consider Buying Zipper Ties For Your Boys

Kids and neckties don’t mix. Let’s face it, efforts to dress up a first grader with a tie usually end in tears or bad ties. When my little brother received his First Communion last month, it was the later case. In every picture, his tie is tied two inches below his collar.

It’s not like we didn’t try to fix it.  But once a tie is tied once around a young child’s neck, how a zipper tie works they try to avoid that harrowing deal in the near future. Unfortunately, not adjusting his tie caused the poorly placed knot to be preserved for posterity in the form of pictures. Oh well.

So for those of you who reject clip-on ties, a better solution is available – our zipper ties. This is how they work: The material tied around the neck is one end of the zipper. The other end is the skinny end of the tie. The actual zipper is in the knot. When you pull the skinny end, the length around the neck is shortened, just like a real tie. You pull the neck band to the size needed to get it over your head.

If only my family had bought a product like the Boy’s Silver Zipper Tie. different sizes of zipper ties We could easily adjusted the tie without having to untie it. Not only that, but it exceeds the traditional clip-on in style. (It looks just like a real tie)  The tie comes in three different sizes. The sizes for boys range from 6 months to 10 years.

I tried on a men’s size. Though I was a little hesitant at first, zipper ties are easier to use than real ties, and look just as genuine. If one of your boys will be donning neckwear in the future, you should consider saving yourself a lot of heartache, tears and arguments by getting a zipper tie from our huge selection of zipper tie colors and patterns, fitting for any occasion. You’ll be happy with how it looks, and your little boy won’t be bothered by tying and adjusting it.

June 7th, 2010

Give Your Dad A New Flag Tie for Father’s Day

Give Your Dad A Tie Flag Gift for Father's DayMemorial Day just passed. July 4th and all its festivities – parades, barbecues, – will arrive in about a month. Between these two patriotic holidays, another important day occurs. June 20 is Father’s Day. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your dad for Father’s Day, give him one he’ll use during this patriotic time of year, like the Antique American Flag Tie. What’s more, June 14 is Flag Day! The stars have certainly aligned. (no pun intended) There’s no better time to give your dad an American flag tie.

Normally, I shy away from American flag ties, because the contrast is usually quite high between the red and white, which creates a loud piece of neckwear. The Antique Flag Tie is just as proud, but in muted colors. This way, your dad can wear the tie to a greater variety of 4th of July occasions. Heck, if he knows his boss is a bleeding heart American, Give your dad a flag tie for fathers day there’s no reason why your dad can’t break the norm of wearing novelty ties to work in order to showcase his love of country. The Antique Flag Tie isn’t just the flag plastered on a tie; the muted colors and background swirls turn it into a proper piece of neckwear.

As you can see, the longer the tie is tied, the more the stars show up. If you dad is on the shorter side, the proportion of stars to ties will shrink. I might consider getting the Flag Collage Tie instead. Just as patriotic, but in a repeating flag pattern. Though the ties are both 4” x 58”, the Flag Collage Tie might look better than a tie with only a smidgen of stars at the top.

When looking for gifts for Father’s Day, mind the season. Patriotism will soon sweep the country during July 4th, so give him a flag tie he can wear with pride.

Photo credit: MojoZilla

May 31st, 2010

The New Cushing Micro Fiber Necktie Is a Versatile and Safe Match for Any Wardrobe

There is really no tie color as versatile as blue. Neckties like the blue Cushing Micro Fiber Necktie are my ideal choice for traveling–whether I’m donning blue versatile micro fiber tie a white or light blue oxford dress shirt, whether a black, gray suit or no suit accompanies it, a cornflower blue tie matches perfectly. That’s probably why one of the three ties described by Esquire to be necessary for style survival is a cornflower blue tie quite similar to the Cushing Micro Fiber Necktie. (Though ours is a bit more affordable.)

The tie features a geometric pattern of blue squares and diamonds formed by black thread in the background and white accents. All polyester, it’s a typical three-and-a-half inches long. If you spill something on it, soak up the spill as much as possible but leave the cleaning and ironing to the dry cleaners.

Since the tie features what resembles small checks, be careful of wearing checkered dress shirts with it. If so, make sure they’re a different size, in this case, probably larger. That’s a golden rule for matching neckties–if you’re using the same style, mainly stripes or checks, for your shirt, make sure the sizes are different. A striped or solid oxford dress shirt provides a safe contrast.

Blue is a conservative color, implying honesty and trust. That might explain why a site dedicated to tracking President Obama’s neckwear found he wore a navy tie with white accents nine times in the first one-hundred days, making it his favorite, or at least his most-worn. His second most-worn tie is strikingly similar to the Cushing.

obama favorite ties

If you don’t want your outfit to turn heads, or are just pressed for space, the blue Cushing Micro Fiber Necktie, at only $12.71, is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Especially if you’re meeting with heads of state.

Photo Credit: NecksofState.com