October 20th, 2010

Entourage Style: Which character has the best fashion sense?

Entourage has become one of the top shows for guys on all of television. Featuring life in Hollywood, expensive cars and clothes, and plenty of gorgeous women, there’s no reason not to watch this show. If you haven’t seen the show, hop on Netflix and make the time to catch up. It will be worth it.

The show features a crew from Queens, NY who have followed their buddy, actor Vincent Chase, to California. Eric “E” Murphy is Chase’s best friend and manager, Johnny “Drama” Chase is Vincent’s older half-brother and washed up actor, “Turtle” is Vince’s old friend from home, and Ari Gold is Vince’s corporate-giant agent. Each character has their own style and personality, so I decided to choose who is best dressed.


Always sporting the best of the best, may it be Armani or Brooks Brothers suits. His fierce, driven, and egotistical personality is always coupled with his dress attire. He commands attention and respect in any room he enters. He gets my vote for best dressed. I would do anything to have his job.


Turtle’s style is just not me. He’s super casual and definitely brings  some New York style to Cali. You can usually see Turtle in some exotic Air Force’s with some baggie jeans, a polo, and his New Era hat. Turtle seems to always be the one walking in his friends’ shadows. Maybe a wardrobe change would help step up his game?


Vinny is the pretty boy of the group — always dressed casually, yet nicely. On a typical day, you would see Vince with his long, curly hair, aviators, a necklace, a hently sweater, jeans and some chukka boots. Whether it be his style, status, or both, whatever Vinny does works.


In my mind, Drama is just a washed up loser that is funny to laugh at. He is a cool guy, but he just won’t accept the facet that he is not a star actor and never will be. His style is somewhat rugged, usually wearing a flannel, light jeans, and some boots. Drama’s style has as much promise as his acting career.


You can always see E in his aviators rocking business-like style, with a casual touch. He is almost always wearing jeans and a button-up with no tie, and sometimes sports the tieless suit. He is very clean cut with a young looking face, and does a great job with Vinny Chase’s acting career.

My vote: Ari Gold

What’s your vote?

Photo1: cuzoogle.com, Photo2: iamflashdance.blogspot.com, Photo3: blackoptical.com, Photo4: poptower.com, Photo5: joeonthetube.com

July 30th, 2010

Celebrity Style: Inception and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After seeing all 563 of my Facebook friends post a status update about how it “blew their mind,” I finally gave in and saw Inception. First reaction: Relief. I kept reading this on Facebook: “I didn’t get it.” Great, I’m going to have to think AND watch a movie.

Luckily, 6 seasons of LOST prepared me well for watching plots unravel full of twists and difficult concepts, so I understood it all. It was great. Also, the outfits were dreamy. (GET IT?)

When it comes to style, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his vests pretty much dominate Inception. You’ve probably seen this:

joseph gordon-levitt on an inception movie poster

I just don’t think it would look as badass if he was wearing a suit or if he was sans-vest. The vest’s armholes and his arms and their movement is just awesome.

Joseph Gordon Levitt in the beginning of Inception

A scene from the beginning of the movie. Look at those shoes. Now, those are what you wear with a light gray suit. Also wearing a vest.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the hotel room

His hair stands out as a supporting character.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception

C’mon Tom, didn’t you get the memo? The dress code is leather. Also, this picture, since it features three, allows me to transition into other characters. What, characters besides Joseph Gordon-Levitt? They exist.

Leonardo DiCaprio in a dream in Inception

Can you say, “super sleek single-buttoned jacket?” At least I think it is. It’d be pretty sweet if it is. (I feel like his tie is a little too short, but I’m nitpicking.)

Michael Caine and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Michael Caine, in a tweed jacket. Because what else is an architecture professor/Batman’s butler supposed to wear in France?

Ken Watanabe in inception with a suit

Pretty good.

Ken Watanabe in Inception

Pretty awesome. (I refer to Ken Watanabe’s half-Oriental, half-Western gettup, not crazy dream-ex Marillon Cotillard)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the premiere of Inception

Technically from the premiere, not the movie, but still, how could I not include this? I mean, I don’t really like it, but still. I think his sleeves might be too long. Nevertheless, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s wardrobe in Inception is sleek, and that shows up in everyone else’s appearance, too. (Even you, Leo!) The same has been said about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s acting. I know zilch about acting, so I’ll let you decide that one.

Picture #2 and #5 photo credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Picture #7 and #8 photo credit: Flixster

The rest: IMDB

Note…many of the photos I found via this Reddit r/fashion thread.

July 21st, 2010

Subtle Quirkiness: Wes Anderson

Stuff white people like #10: Wes Anderson. Purveyor of films quirky and understated, Wes Anderson is beloved by hipsters everywhere. Though I thought The Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket were boring, I loved Rushmore and Fantastic Mr. Fox. So Wes’ movies get a pass from me.

Essential to all Anderson’s movie is some sort of costume. Often the characters wear the same clothes throughout the movie. I won’t get into the details or symbolism of Anderson’s costume design throughout the years. However, the attention Anderson pays to clothing is reflected in his style as well.

To get a feel for Anderson’s style, who has even been featured by The Sartorialist, I found these ideal screens from IMDB’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou photo slideshow. They perfectly capture Anderson’s casual style.

Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson of the set of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Look at the color. Burgundy sweater (complete with shaw collar) and dark brown Clark’s Wallabies.

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray on the set of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The two shots above are my absolute favorites. Look at his neck – covered with a scarf or a handkerchief, as well as his collar. The suits – both textured, both earthy colors. Both complemented with cream. He’s sporting Wallabies again in both, complete with high-rising white socks. Why not? He looks completely at ease.

Wes Anderson's style on the set of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

This screen showcases Anderson’s favorite color: brown.

Wes Anderson's style on the set of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray at Fantastic Mr. FoxWes Anderson's Style at the premiere of The Darjeeling Limited

I’m not too sure about the tie length; though this pic encapsulates Anderson’s color pallette. He uses natural, earthy tones that don’t contrast greatly.

Wes Anderson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman at the premiere of The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson and Cate Blanchett at the premiere of the Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

I’m not sure how I feel about this one, as much as I love the tie…

Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, and Natalie Portman at the premiere of Hotel Chevalier

Did you notice that Anderson avoids black like the plague? Even navy was underrepresented.

Wes Anderson’s style is earthy and simple. He picks natural, subdued colors and compliments them with similar tones. He loves texture; his favorite is corduroy – check out photos #4 and 6. He avoids contrast and flashy colors or clothing pieces.

The white people who like him should take note!

Photo credit: IMDB

July 14th, 2010

The Man Your Man Could Dress Like

Dear Old Spice guy, what should a man wear after he’s used Old Spice?

Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. But if he stopped using lady-scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me.


As cliche as this term has become, the “latest internet phenomenon” is Isaiah Mustafa (what an awesome name), aka the Old Spice Guy. The “man your man could smell like.” He’s been super active on the interwebs lately, answering fans’ questions on his Twitter and Facebook page and through YouTube video responses. It’s not just the responses themselves that have landed him on Ellen and The Early Show, it’s the colossal amount of responses, to power players like Gizmodo and everyday users. I stopped counting after 100..uploaded in the past 24 hours. He even frequents Reddit, my constant hideout.

As a men’s style blogger, it’s my sworn responsibility to monitor stylish men. And since he’s receiving so much attention, Mustafa must be analyzed. Is he a man your man could dress like?

Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice guy, riding a horse in the video "did you know?"

You’re probably already aware that many scenes from the commercials take place on a beach. This is the ending shot from “Did You Know.” Like the end of “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” Mustafa’s wearing white chinos, rolled halfway up his leg. It’s good that Old Spice is paying attention to the rolled pants trend. It’s especially fitting since he’s on the beach. And, you know, riding a horse. White pants are terribly difficult to keep clean, but someone who can swan dive off a waterfall into a hot tub probably doesn’t have that problem. Plus he’s got sock-less leather loafers, probably Sperrys.

Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice guy, rolling on a log in the video "questions."

This next two pictures are from “Questions.” As he changes out of a towel and balances on a rolling log in the middle of a river in front of a gorgeous mountain range, Mustafa’s khaki shorts and belt reflect the ruggedness of his surroundings.

Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice guy, riding a motorcycle in the video "questions."

Speaking of rugged, in this shot, Mustafa prepares to ride off on his motorcycle into the wilderness, wearing nothing but well-fitted jeans and what appear to be leather boots. He shrugs off any hint of goggles, gloves, or other accessories women wear when riding motorcycles.

Regardless of his environment, Mustafa never sacrifices practicality for the raw strength of the no-shirt look. Bravo, “Old Spice Guy.” Or should I say, the man your man could dress like?

July 13th, 2010

James Bond Style Review: For Your Eyes Only

In his fifth film as Bond, Roger Moore, the longest serving Bond, travels to Greece to retrieve spy equipment. Amidst the gorgeous scenery, he gets help from Carole Bouquet, who seeks revenge on the villain who’s trying to steal the equipment as well. It’s one of my favorite Bond films for those two reasons, the scenes and the costar. It can also be great inspiration for style this summer.

After a short sequence showing Bond visit the grave of Theresa Bond, his wife from OHMSS who’s murdered by SPECTRE, the real plot begins on the St. Georges of Valetta, a British spy ship. It contains ATAC, a typewriter-looking device used to communicate with missile subs. Check out the officer’s white shirt. Expect to see more like it in casual wear this fall as military-influenced clothing picks up steam.

This is a military style that hopefully won’t catch on. Keep your collars to yourself. The man is supposed to detonate ATAC when the St. George sinks. The race to retrieve ATAC commences the plot.

The Havelock clan. The father, sporting a laid-back sailor look with a rough oxford and jeans, (love the belt) is trying to find ATAC. That is, until he and his wife are gunned down. His daughter Melina vows revenge. (Melina means Honey in Greek, a reference to the 1st Bond girl)Emile Locque at the hitman's estate

The man who payed to have the Havelocks killed. I’m not sure what’s going on with his suit jacket; it appears to be double breasted with a notch lapel, though it features a very odd arrangement of buttons: “Four on four,” which means four buttons on the jacket, four buttons that are supposed to be buttoned. The more common styles, “four on six” or “two on four” leave two buttons on the top, wider apart than the other buttons, that shouldn’t be buttoned.
Captured...though not for long

Hey, it’s James Bond! Surely there’s no risk in letting him live, right? Bond, and his capturer to the right, are how you wear business casual in the summer. I don’t know if khaki suit is linen or cotton; but, either way, it beats the heat.Bond in Q's lab

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Moore’s collar sticks out too much in the back. It should show, at most, half an inch. There, I corrected Bond’s style. Never thought I’d be able to do that!
Bond and Melina at St. Cyrils

Before he meets up with Kristatos, who, though he doesn’t know it, is behind the murder of Melina’s parents and after ATAC, Bond strolls through Corfu, Greece. This, unlike the previous picture, is how you pull off a double-breasted jacket. And no navy blazer is complete without nautical buttons…Fitting, considering Bond’s background.Two unlucky gamblers

The trademark casino scene. This one features two of the most oddest neckwear ever to grace a 007 film: A 19th century style cravat, on the left, and an enormous bow tie, on the right. Typically that bow tie style would be called “the butterfly,” though its size prompts me to label it “the pigeon.”Milos Columbos sharing a drink with Bond

Turns out, the guy Kristatos blamed Melina’s parents’ death on is a good guy. Meet Milos Colombo (played by Oscar winner Chaim Potol), Greek smuggler and Kristatos’ rival. White pants? Check. White belt? Check. Double-breasted jacket with brass buttons? Check. This is a nautical outfit. And what better pose than bringing alcohol?

Bond and Melina preparing to salvage the ATAC

Ivy Style wrote last week about yellow oxfords – underrated, underworn, and quite difficult to pull off without a tan. Luckily, that’s not a problem for a man on a boat.

Ok…there was really no way I could NOT include a screen of Q dressed as a priest.

In the rare moment that Bond isn’t sporting his Rolex Submariner (1962-1989) or Omega Seamaster (1995-present), he’s got a gadget on his wrist. The Seiko H357, as profiled on the website Bond Lifestyle, can be purchased here. Bond hands the watch to a parrot, who masquerades as Bond to PM Thatcher as Bond skinny dips with Melina.

A fitting end to a Bond movie dominated by summer and nautical influences. If you’re looking for attire to wear to the beach, or to Greece, consider For Your Eyes Only. This is one of my favorite Bond films, partly because of the Melina, whose emotional attachment to the plot and mature demeanor work perfectly with the aging Moore.

All photos taken from DVD, courtesy United Artists.

July 7th, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob – Who’s Got Better Style?

Quick disclaimer, I’m not a raving Twilighter. However, I can’t ignore two stars who have captured the attention of many, many females.

Their early, pre-Twilight days

Ok, ok, if you want a more recent picture than “R-Pat” as Cedric Digory and Lautner as Shark-Boy, here’s corresponding GQ covers, linked to stories about each in the magazine:

Robert Pattinson on the cover of GQTaylor Lautner on the cover of GQ

Twilight fans have practically developed a new literary style, the “Edward vs Jacob” post. Which one is worthy of Bella????????

Don’t answer that. Anyway, how do they dress when they’re not guided by the staff at Gentlemen’s Quarterly? Thus, I present my style-themed “Edward vs Jacob” post. Who dresses the best?


The Twilight cast at the MTV VMAs

Rob goes for the casual look (with two? buttons unbuttoned) while Taylor needs to wear a suit larger in the chest. Also showing some chest. Except no hair to complement. Plus, I’m not sure how I feel about that suit’s color.



Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson of Twilight

Taylor should probably take care of some of the break in his pants. Little too baggy. Pattinson, imo, blows him out of the water in this shot. Leather? Black jeans, sans belt? Why the heck not?



Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner of Twilight

Pattinson again sports the untucked shirt look. Plus a herringbone jacket? Ch-yeah. Meanwhile, Taylor can’t find pants that fit him. He doesn’t know how to tie a tie to the correct length, either. And the monochrome look went out with Regis Philbin.



Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the 2009 Comic-Con

Taylor – try something besides black. I don’t know how I feel about Pattinson’s shirt (and its buttons), so I give this one a tie. (also, Kristen Stewart wtf)



Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson at the MTV video awards

I don’t like the look of Pattinson’s undershirt. So you know what?



As much as I like Pattinson’s bold choice of brown shoes, I just can’t give this one to him. Light skinned people need higher contrast clothes, Robert’s ensemble is anything but. Lighten up, blood sucking hearthrob. Since Jacob’s pretty dark, all black works.





ANALYSIS: Taylor Lautner is dark, which allows him to wear darker, less contrasting clothes. That’s my hunch as to why he wears black so much. Pattinson, on the other hand, is as pale as…a vampire. Also, Pattinson’s def got the hair, which enforces the casual look he attempts with an untucked shirt. It works. Finally, Taylor, quit wearing skinny ties. You’re not a huge guy, but you’re pretty buff for your height. Skinny ties work better with lankier, smaller frames like Pattinson’s.

All this should be taken with a grain of salt – Taylor Lautner is younger than me. I didn’t dress sloppy when I was 18, but I didn’t dress better than Taylor.

Since Edward won, I guess I’m Team Edward now. Go team.

ECLIPSE PREMIERE UPDATE: Can Jacob pull a last-minute win?

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson at the Eclipse premiere

Yeah right. Pattinson’s maroon suit pretty much dominates this whole photo.

Cedric Digory/Shark Boy photo credit: EOnline

Covers courtesy GQ

Round 1 photo credit: MTV

Round 2 photo credit: JustJared

Round 3 photo credit: JustJared

Round 4 photo credit: Socialite Lite

Round 5 photo credit: NewMoonMovie.org

Round 6 photo credit: Zimbio

Premiere photo credit: Getty Images, via Gawker

July 2nd, 2010

James Bond Style: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or OHMSS, as the title is usually shortened, is memorable for numerous reasons. Bond threatens to quit MI6, gets married and is played by George Lazenby, his only appearance as Bond. It’s also unique because some of its frankly ridiculous costumes.

James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Lazenby’s first appearance as Bond features him in a cool linen (or is that cotton?) suit. Lazenby was considerably larger than Connery, he was previously a body builder. Lazenby’s acting is often criticized as the weakest point in OHMSS, which Bond critics often call an underrated development in the Bond character.

James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

No proper Bond film lacks a casino scene. Yet few dress Bond in such an extravagant tux shirt.

James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Can Bond make anything look bad? OHMSS takes Bond to the Swiss Alps, when perennial baddie Ernst Blofeld is attempting to poison the world’s food supply or something like that. In this case, the “evil plot to destroy the world” isn’t explored very deeply. He’s wearing a skit suit in this still.

While at Blofeld’s residence, disguised as a genealogist, Bond encounters the “Angels of Death,” a group of young women Blofeld conducts food experiments on. About to visit one of them, Bond sports a kilt. I’m not really sure what to think about this.

James Bond and Ruby Bartlett in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

I take back what I said about kilts; they’re perfectly practical. How else would the girl he’s about to visit in the previous picture have written her room number with lipstick on his thigh?

Ernst Blofeld in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Ernst Blofeld, aka “No. 1″ of SPECTRE. First introduced in Dr. No, SPECTRE takes a more prominent role in From Russia With Love. For the next several films, Blofeld is the main baddy, sometimes pictured, sometimes only shown behind a screen. Though he’s absent the trademark cat in OHMSS, I can’t help but notice the peculiar vest and jewelry. The shape of vest is odd enough, add in the cross between a tie clip and a collar bar, and you’ve got yourself a wacky villain get-up.

Draco in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Marc-Ange Draco is a crime lord who allies with Bond. His interaction helps the film take a more romantic, character-centered role – he wants Bond to marry his strong-spirited daughter, in supply for the info Bond desires about Blofeld. Whether that boutonniere is real or fake, Draco nails it.

James Bond and Q in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

James Bond and Gabriele Ferzetti in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Ascots galore! Not in one scene, but in two! The first is at Q’s summer home, the second is at a bullfight attended by Draco. Notice Bond’s ascot in the second – I’m not sure if that’s informal enough to be called an ascot; I’m going to dare and call it a cravat. (I lack the vocabulary needed to fully describe early 20th century fashions, the last heyday of the cravat) He even goes so far as to wear a pin on it.

Miss Money Penny, M, and Q in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Draco and Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

I suppose that boutonnieres at a wedding aren’t to uncommon, but I couldn’t help but mention this scene. After years of unbridled flirtation, Miss Moneypenny catches Bond’s hat as he leaves in the car with Contessa Theresa, the daughter of Draco who he’s marrying that day. Just like old times, when Connery would signal his entrance to Moneypenny’s office by expertly tossing his hat onto the hat rack.

I won’t divulge the details of what happens Bond and Theresa drive away. (I know what you’re thinking; it’s not that) I’m not a very good judge of acting, so I won’t rule on whether Lazenby was as much of a botched job as many write. I will agree that the plot was far more interesting and involving than many Bond films. Similarly, Lazenby became far more involved with Theresa than nearly any other Bond girl. If you haven’t seen OHMSS, it’s essential to the Bond franchise. You’ll get to see some expertly-pulled off cravats as well.

Tom from fan site BondMovies.com had this to say:

At first glance, the style of this movie seems a bit bizarre and out of
place compared to Sean Connery’s suave and debonair portrayal of James
Bond.  Seeing George Lazenby as 007 was fairly jarring to the Bond
community and even had to be addressed in the first few minutes of the
movie directy, as the movie makers were worried about audience reaction to
the switch. Obviously, a new successor had to be chosen at some point.

Specifically, Bond’s style throughout this movie ranges from the iconic
007 suit we are accustomed to seeing to the bizarre Scottish kilt outfit
Bond dons as a result of his assuming the identity of Sir William Bray.
This brings up the interesting and rarely mentioned point that the plot of
a James Bond movie can ultimately have an effect on James Bond’s style.

OHMSS’s exotic Swiss location also affects the style of the movie as a
whole, replacing common Bond girl bikinis with skisuits.

Well said Tom. Wearing a kilt…as Lazenby himself said in the beginning, “This never happened to the other guy.”

All stills are taken directly from the film.

June 30th, 2010

Ken’s Style in Toy Story 3: Puh-leeze Barbie, That’s Not An Ascot

EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that when Barbie says, “Nice ascot,” it could be a clever way of disguising Barbie’s compliment about Ken’s behind. That’s possible, but I don’t think she had actually seen the backside at that point in the movie.

I’d been looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 solely on the basis of Ken’s outfit. Well, maybe not solely. But this screen gives me much to chew on:

The stylish ken doll from toy story 3

  • Boat shoes without socks (great look, though I guess it’s easy when your manufacturer doesn’t provide you with socks)
  • Shorts that shouldn’t be pleated (though the rolled cuff look is totally in)
  • A very interesting shirt. I’d like it if:  1. His collar wasn’t popped (he’s in a daycare, thus he has no need to shield his plastic visage from the wind)  2. The top wasn’t unbuttoned. I understand, Ken, that your plastic mold gives you a rock hard bod. But please, one button is enough.  3. It wasn’t a leopard print. Ok, so I dislike everything except the color.

To top it off, Ken’s got something tied around his neck. My first reaction was that it’s a neckerchief. It’s tied to the side, it’s fairly narrow, without a lot of width variation…

Barbie and Ken meet

Then I saw Toy Story 3. In the first scene with Ken, love-struck Barbie remarks, “Nice ascot.”

WHAT.  C’MON BARBIE. (let’s go party). That’s not an ascot, is it? My immediate reaction was pleasure, since I knew that “ascot” would soon enter the vocabulary of millions.  But is Barbie spreading false notions about men’s style?

  1. Unfolded ascots are wide at both ends. Imagine the wide end of the tie x 2, with a little skinny section in the middle. Ken’s neckwear appears to be much skinnier. One end seems to be a little wide, but nowhere near the shape of an ascot. Heck, it almost looks like an oddly shaped bow tie.
  2. Most ascots are folded in front. Like Ken, men wear ascots under their collar, but they look like this:

Robert Downey Jr. rocks an ascot

Ken appears to have simply folded his in a scarf-ish knot on the side. However, it’s a little too small to be a scarf. I think it’s a neckerchief.

For the final verdict on Barbie’s knowledge of men’s style, I went straight to the source, the movie website. “His accessories include matching scarf, sensible loafers, and a fashion-forward gold belt.”

Huh. I’m not a scarf expert, though I do find it odd that Ken would wear a scarf in a room unplagued by any sort of weather. (Remember the popped collar? Pointless.) Because, after all, mens wear is practical at its core.

I guess me AND Barbie have some reading to do. Or maybe Pixar needs to hire a proper dandy as a costume consultant, since that does not look like a scarf. And Barbie…you were way off.

PS – blue loafers? Really?

Movie pics photo credit: Disney

RDJ photo credit: I Watch Stuff


June 23rd, 2010

James Bond Style Review: Dr. No

If someone asks you, “who embodies men’s style?”, James Bond should top the list. Because, when it comes to conservative, well-tailored clothing, “nobody does it better.”

Since I enjoy the Bond movies so very much, I’d thought I’d start a series of pseudo-reviews of Bond movies. I’ll dwell primarily on the style of each one. When it comes to Bond, there’s no better movie to start with than the original, Dr. No.

the first casino scene in dr. no

The first scene of the movie, gambling, soon becomes a trademark of Bond movies. He arrives in a tux, wins a hand of poker, beats a villain or a Bond girl, then leaves, possibly with the later.

Ursala Andress typically steals the attention in the beach scenes, but I’d like to highlight Connery’s polo – look how it fits. A polo should fit snug. The sleeves only go halfway down his arm. Moreover, check out his rolled pants. Practical for the beach, yes. Nowadays, perfectly appropriate for the street. Tom Ford-esque, forty years before Ford designed Bond’s suits.

dr. no, the villain in the first james bond movie

Dr. No, the first Bond villain, sports a Nehru jacket. After all, he is half Chinese. (half German)

jack lorda, playing james leiter in james bond

Felix Leiter, perennial Bond ally and CIA operative’s suit in Dr. No lacks Bond’s tailored fit. I highlight him because of his shades – it would take a lot of guts for a modern man to pull off cat eye glasses.

Dr. No introduces Bond trademarks – the villain, gambling, the Bond girl, Moneypenny. Though the film is short on gadgets, Bond makes do, attaching a single hair to his closet door to track intruders. Unlike later Bond movies, it’s not derailed by ridiculous villains, unbelievable plots or unnecessary allies. It’s as close to a perfect Bond movie as you can get, IMO. It tops my list.

Casino and Ursala Andress photo credit: IMDB

Dr. No photo credit: NY Daily News

Felix Leiter photo credit: davidtyson.com

June 23rd, 2010

The World Cup’s Worst Dressed Coaches

As I wrote earlier, soccer coaches, unlike football or basketball coaches, possess some variety in their dress. Big mistake, IMO. If you’re coaching a team on the world stage, you should dress like it. Here are five examples of the worst-dressed coaches in the World Cup:

diego maradonas, argentina coach

What’s wrong with Diego Maradona? He’s at least wearing a suit. Plus how can you resist the hair+beard combo? Well, he’s wearing two watches. I can think of no reasons why a soccer coach would need two watches. That’s just tacky.

lars lagerbeck, nigerian soccer coach

Apparently the Nigerian team has gone all-green. Seriously, the coach Lars Lagerback must seemingly reject any article of clothing that doesn’t match his players. And someone explain his coat’s bump in the back. I hope it’s just billowing.

This picture of the Greek coach and an assistant is plain funny. He ought to go easy on the jackets.

marcelo bielsa, chile's coach

Marcello Bielsa, Chile’s coach, encapsulates almost this whole list – quit wearing track suits to World Cup games! I don’t understand it. The whole world is going to be watching you. You’re not performing any physical activity, yet you’re sticking to tennis shoes and white socks? Have some class.

the usa soccer coach, bob bradley

To round off the list, the US’ very own Bob Bradley sports a puffed up jacket. If the US wants the world to take its soccer team seriously, its coach should replace his style advisor with someone besides Kenny from South Park. Lose the fleece Bob.

kenny from southpark

All photos courtesy of fifa.com