January 14th, 2011

Seth Rogen’s Costume in the Green Hornet: Good, not great

After nearly 20 years of delay and pre-production, The Green Hornet finally arrived at theaters today. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t had time to see it. However, provided stills offers us, among other things, a look at the pseudo-stylish wardrobe of Seth Rogen, who stars as the Green Hornet.

Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in the Green Hornet

One item of clothing that sticks out to me is the sweater Rogen is wearing in this shot. For one, it almost looks like a waistcoat, due to the flaps at the bottom, which are less typical of a sweater. It could almost be a tweed waistcoat. However, the rolled collar rules a waistcoat out. Unfortunately, this piece of clothing isn’t given a nice clear still. Also: notice how small those lapels are. That’s a bad choice, considering both Rogen’s face/neck size and the proportions of the rest of his clothes: a nice, bulky tie knot. Altogether, this is a very boring look. A purple tie would have been much more fitting.

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou are coworkers in the Green Hornet

We are at least given a clearer view of the material in this shot. It’s clearly cotton or wool, from the looks of it. Also: notice the suspenders. They must be attached via button, which is always the preferred style. (As opposed to clip suspenders).

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou on the set of the Green Hornet

This still provides a great overall view of Rogen’s Green Hornet costume. He skips the suit in favor of what appears to be a single-breasted overcoat. He’s clearly wearing a waistcoat this time with slanted pockets. It almost appears part of a 3-piece suit without the jacket. By substituting the overcoat for the jacket, the costumes appears more “rugged” but still professional. The overcoat is, in this case, better suited to his job of bringing down a Mafia lord.

Seth Rogen in his black suit on the set of The Green Hornet

This shot provides us a closeup of Rogen’s green outfit. Bring your attention to the lining of the jacket, visible around his arm. Though I don’t think it’s the exact pattern of his tie, there was clearly an effort to coordinate. I understand that the coordinating is better suited for a costume, much like the earlier pictures, but I just can’t help preferring some contrast in this outfit.

Jay Chou and Seth Rogen riding in the Green Hornet Car

To play us out, I found this still of the two stars in fairly casual attire. Though I haven’t dwelled on Jay Chou’s character much, he takes the sartorial cake from Rogen. The second still from this post demonstrates that clearly: Chou’s suit is sleek and contrasts nicely with his shirt and tie, plus it’s better suited for his body size.

Again, Chou turns out better than Rogen. Though I’m not groveling fan of graphic tees, it’s difficult to see just what is going on with Rogen. He appears to be sporting the same sweater from earlier pictures. However, his shirt is lost to me. Is it just a black lounge shirt, unbuttoned? That seems likely, but I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on with his collar.Unfortunately, TinEye reverse image search didn’t turn up any results, so I guess the mystery of Rogen’s shirt is as unknown as his identity.

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Splash News


January 10th, 2011

The Regal Suits of The King’s Speech

Historical dramas always offer an opportunity to drool about clothes, and The King’s Speech is no exception. Though the film doesn’t showcase any exotic or fancy men’s clothing, it still offers great snapshots of real dress at that time.

Colin Firth played King Albert XI in the King's Speech

Colin Firth plays Albert, the Duke of York, who must conquer his stammering as he ascends to the throne. It’s odd that he wears a 4-in-hand throughout the film. He usually wears a double-breasted peaked-lapel suit, with a similar coat and military jacket, yet always opts for the smallest knot. That sort of apparel lends itself to a knot bigger and more symmetrical than the 4-in-hand. Colin Firth is a big man; and, more importantly, one with a wide face. Also,if you like this tie, check out our Dunbar Dots Silk Tie.

His lack of thicker knots may be attributed to the time period: Though the Duke of Windsor had already visited America by the start of the film, the knot created and later named for him isn’t dated to a certain year. Odds are, though the Windsor was gaining popularity in the 20s and 30s, the practice of matching knot size to face and lapel width wasn’t yet perfected. Which would explain his exclusive use of the four-in-hand.

Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helen Bonham Carter in The King's Speech

Though this picture gives us another instance of Firth wearing a four-in-hand, (and notice the jacket’s buttons…4 on 4. That arrangement should not be attempted by ordinary men.) it also gives us a glimpse of Lionel Logue, an Australian speech coach played by Geoffrey Rush. Like all the other jackets in this movie, his tuxedo is a double-breasted with peak lapels.

Geoffrey Rush sporting a bow tie in The King's Speech

Rush is the style standout of the film. I mean, look at that tweed…and can you imagine him in any neckwear besides a bow tie? (Also: A single breasted notch lapel! Whoa!) Even the shirt carries a hint of brown in its equally sized stripes.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech

This terrific view of Rush shows that while the English may not have been as obsessive about fit as the Italians, they still love bold suits. A blue pinstripe double-breasted suit is truly a sign of a man comfortable with his clothes. Again, he brings the brown with the square and tie.

Helen Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech

To finish this entry, take a look at Firth and his wife, played by Helen Bonham-Carter. The dinner jacket is, obviously, double–breasted. The shirt looks like a plain front. I can’t tell if the studs are visible or covered with a placket. If not, they’re surely a cream color.

A regal, professional, classic dress for the same sort of family.

December 6th, 2010

Lebron James Returns to Hostile Cleveland

On Thursday night, Lebron James made his first appearance in Cleveland since his notorious exit after signing with the Miami Heat this summer. After starting the game with his trademark chalk toss in front of thousands of livid fans, Lebron was showered with “boos” from Cleveland fans throughout the game. Apparently though, he didn’t let the loathing get to his head; Lebron finished the night with a season high of 38 points and was virtually unstoppable (when is he not?).


Lebron James is still just 25 years old. What I don’t understand is why anyone thought he would ever stay in Cleveland. Think about it: you are 25 years old, at the prime of your life, and you have the choice to live in Cleveland, Ohio or Miami, Florida. Yeah, you’re going to Miami. Warm weather, women, fame, and the ideal celebrity life were waiting for Lebron in Miami. Not to mention, he was offered to play with two other NBA stars in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  In my opinion, Lebron James made the right decision.  However, he could have gone about the whole process in a much more respectable fashion.  What’s your take?  Should Lebron have stayed in Cleveland?

Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Lebron James

Photo 1: foxsports.com, Photo 2: lebron-james-dunks.blogspot.com

November 22nd, 2010

The Beatles Hit iTunes

Beatles fans worldwide relished the moment on Tuesday as the band’s music finally made its way to the iTunes online music store.  This marks the first day music from the Beatles has been available on iTunes since the store’s onset almost a decade ago.  The long wait for the iTunes and Beatles deal was caused by disagreements between Apple, the Beatles’ management, and the Beatles’ label, EMI.

This online sales move comes over forty years after the Beatles were in their prime.  When the band was alive and well, it sold millions of records and had no problem with people pirating their music.  Although the music is finally available on iTunes, there is no doubt that millions of people around the world have already downloaded all these songs for “free.”

For those music buffs who do choose to follow the rules, Beatles tracks can be found on iTunes for $1.29.  If that’s not enough, Beatles nuts can buy the box set that is offered for $149.  The box set comes with 256 songs, which is a compilation of every studio album ever made by the Beatles.  Also, the purchase of this box set comes with a full-length video of the Beatles’ first show on American soil.

If you’re a Beatles nut or just a casual music fan, head over to iTunes and take a look at the newest Artist page featuring the Fab Four.

Photo1: gameslatest.com, Photo2:  top-10-list.org

November 10th, 2010

The New Call of Duty: Black Ops

Whether you’re a Playstation 3 fan or an Xbox kind of guy (or girl), there’s no doubt you have come across a Call of Duty iteration sometime in your gaming experience. Just this past Tuesday, Call of Duty: Black Ops was released and became the seventh installment in the Call of Duty series.

This game, unlike past games set in World War II (COD, COD2, and COD3: World at War) and Modern War (COD 4: Modern Warfare and COD: Modern Warfare 2), lands a player in the Cold War era, where they’ll experience historic scenes like the Bay of Pigs. Along with the new war setting, Call of Duty: Black Ops features a collection of celebrity voices including Ed Harris, Ice Cube, Gary Oldman, Sam Worthington and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

After just two days of gaming, the reviews have been outstanding; game critics and the everyday gamer alike have been stuck to their chairs. Critics rave about the game’s unbelievable speed of action, incredible explosions and brutal violence, particularly in the single-player campaign mode. Even Kobe Bryant took part in the release of the new game. Kobe helped present a $1 million check to the Call of Duty Endowment at the game’s release banquet in California. The Call of Duty Endowment raises money to aid in American soldiers’ change from the battlefield to the workplace following their service. Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel can be seen in this recent Call of Duty commercial:


Want to try it for yourself? Then cash that paycheck and answer your call of duty.

Photo credit: callofdutyblackops.org

October 20th, 2010

Entourage Style: Which character has the best fashion sense?

Entourage has become one of the top shows for guys on all of television. Featuring life in Hollywood, expensive cars and clothes, and plenty of gorgeous women, there’s no reason not to watch this show. If you haven’t seen the show, hop on Netflix and make the time to catch up. It will be worth it.

The show features a crew from Queens, NY who have followed their buddy, actor Vincent Chase, to California. Eric “E” Murphy is Chase’s best friend and manager, Johnny “Drama” Chase is Vincent’s older half-brother and washed up actor, “Turtle” is Vince’s old friend from home, and Ari Gold is Vince’s corporate-giant agent. Each character has their own style and personality, so I decided to choose who is best dressed.


Always sporting the best of the best, may it be Armani or Brooks Brothers suits. His fierce, driven, and egotistical personality is always coupled with his dress attire. He commands attention and respect in any room he enters. He gets my vote for best dressed. I would do anything to have his job.


Turtle’s style is just not me. He’s super casual and definitely brings  some New York style to Cali. You can usually see Turtle in some exotic Air Force’s with some baggie jeans, a polo, and his New Era hat. Turtle seems to always be the one walking in his friends’ shadows. Maybe a wardrobe change would help step up his game?


Vinny is the pretty boy of the group — always dressed casually, yet nicely. On a typical day, you would see Vince with his long, curly hair, aviators, a necklace, a hently sweater, jeans and some chukka boots. Whether it be his style, status, or both, whatever Vinny does works.


In my mind, Drama is just a washed up loser that is funny to laugh at. He is a cool guy, but he just won’t accept the facet that he is not a star actor and never will be. His style is somewhat rugged, usually wearing a flannel, light jeans, and some boots. Drama’s style has as much promise as his acting career.


You can always see E in his aviators rocking business-like style, with a casual touch. He is almost always wearing jeans and a button-up with no tie, and sometimes sports the tieless suit. He is very clean cut with a young looking face, and does a great job with Vinny Chase’s acting career.

My vote: Ari Gold

What’s your vote?

Photo1: cuzoogle.com, Photo2: iamflashdance.blogspot.com, Photo3: blackoptical.com, Photo4: poptower.com, Photo5: joeonthetube.com

October 15th, 2010

Some Reading for the Modern Man

Men Love to Eat:

At some point in every man’s life, they are going to find themselves going out on a date. The Art of Manliness has an entertaining blog post on how to master the art of the date. Be sure to check it out here.

Be Casual:

In response to a reader’s question, Dennis from Made to Measure gives a detailed rundown on classing up your casual wardrobe. Lose the baggy jeans and lose the cheesy graphic tees. Don’t buy jeans with rips or stains. But, buy one dark pair, one light pair, and they will last for years. Check out everything else Dennis has to say about a casual fall wardrobe.

Pulling Off the Rugged Look:

Be unrefined, but not unkept. Choose traditional, “box” cuts rather than the recently popular skinny look. Oh, and don’t be afraid to throw on a muskier cologne. Interested? Here it is.

Watches I Wish I Had:

If you’re at all interested in watches, you have to check out Hodinkee. They have an interesting blog with a wide range of articles, this particular one being a feature on Michael Jordan sporting his Urwerk 103.03 watch. I wish I had that kind of money to blow. Here is the watch the MJ bought as a thank you present for a Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach…wow.

Google TV:

Have you seen Google TV? Sony announced today that they will soon be issuing pre-orders for the new Sony HDTVs equipped with Google TV. Among plenty of other features, Google TV allows search right on your TV for anything from live TV to recorded shows to your favorite YouTube video. Check out what Gizmodo had to say.

Photo Credit #1: artofmanliness.com

Photo Credit #2: hodinkee.com

October 8th, 2010

Weekly Blog Roundup

100 Days of Ties:

Will at Momentum of Failure is in the middle of a 100 day commitment to wear a tie to work in his casual work setting. In an effort to bring back traditional classiness to the workplace, he is urging others around the world to do the same. All he asks is that readers send in pictures (like this guy at The Effortless Gent) of their more formal day in the office.

The Social Network, Sean Parker:

Have you seen The Social Network yet? I just saw it on Saturday, and I highly suggest seeing it. In the film, Justin Timberlake plays the part of Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. Parker was heavily involved in the early stages of Facebook, but I’ll stop there so I don’t ruin the movie. Anyway, check out this blog post over at Men Style Power on the real Sean Parker who is apparently quite generous in real life. Very interesting article, especially after seeing the movie.

The REAL Sean Parker

Showing Some Skin:

When it comes to button-downs, there seems to be widespread confusion on the correct way to wear them. Do you only unbutton one button, or two…or three? What about if there are buttons on the collar? I always see people with those unbuttoned, but I was told growing up that I wasn’t supposed to do that. How do you think button-ups should be worn? Thighs Bigger Than Your Head gives their take.

New Ways to Shave:

Whether you are an electric razor guy like me, or a fan of the classic razors, you need to check out this blog post over at Be Better Guys. Michael Gillman from GroomingGuys.com gives his take on the two best razors on the market today, as well as, in his opinion, the best electric razor. Christmas is right around the corner, I may have just added something to my list.

Photo Credit: menstylepower.com

October 6th, 2010

Tom Brady: Fashion Icon and Football Legend

Born in California in 1977, Brady grew up playing football and eventually landed in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan. Brady entered the NFL draft in 2000 only to get shafted as a sixth round pick. This sixth round pick then went on to win in 3 of his 4 Super Bowl appearances, capture the NFL’s single-season passing yards record, and established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

Not only has Brady won 3 Super Bowls, but he is also a 3-time cover model for GQ Magazine. Brady has also been featured on the cover of Esquire, Details, People, Life & Style, TV Guide, and of course, Sports Illustrated. In fact, Sports Illustrated named Brady the SI Sportsman of the Year in 2005. Brady was offered over $1 million to be the next Calvin Klein model, appeared on Entourage, interviewed on Letterman, and has even appeared on Saturday Night Live. This guy does it all.

Being a tall, well put-together NFL quarterback and a fashion icon, Tom Brady obviously knows how to work his magic with the ladies. Brady’s persona has attracted famous females like Tara Reid, Maria Menounos, and his Brazilian model wife Gisele Bundchen.  The couple has a one-year-old son Benjamin. Lucky kid.

When it comes to fashion, Brady does not mess around. Brady has commented on how so many men let their woman pick what they wear, saying “you gotta draw the line somewhere as a man.” Brady’s sophisticated fashion sense has landed him impossible-to-get photo shoots with Steven Klein and Bruce Weber, who Askmen.com refers to as the Peyton Manning and Brett Favre of the fashion world. With all this being said, it is quite apparent that Tom Brady is living the American Dream.


Photo 1: boston.com; Photo 2: details.com; Photo 3: popcrunch.com; Photo 4: celebrtysmackblog.com

September 15th, 2010

No Mulligan for Tiger

Tiger's fourth win at The Masters

When thinking back on sports history, I often times find myself wishing I could have lived to witness the spectacles of athletes like Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth or Jack Nicklaus. But as I take one more step back, I realize that we are living to see, in my opinion, three of the best athletes of all time in their respective sports. Someday my kids (maybe grandkids) will ask what it was like to watch Lebron James, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods, in particular, is one of the most incredibly talented athletes of all time. At age 2, the child prodigy appeared on TV on The Mike Douglas Show in a putting contest against Bob Hope. By age three he shot a 48 on nine holes, by age five Woods appeared in Golf Digest, and by age eight he broke 80 on 18 holes. As I approach the day Uncle Sam will let me drink a beer, it is hard to image that, at age 21, Tiger had already achieved a #1 world rank. Woods became a worldwide phenomenon early in his career and was a role model to people of all ages, personifying perseverance and near perfection in everything he did.


As you can see, Tiger Woods’s career has been documented almost literally from birth. New technology has aided the media in publicizing every negative detail in the lives of athletes, both on and off the field. Tiger Woods is the latest and probably most extreme case of the media’s crushing potential. When news broke of Woods’s disloyalty to his wife, he was forced to take a break from golf to focus on his family. As more and more of his mistresses came public, his image was smeared in newspapers, on television, and all over the Internet. Today, Woods has returned to the course, but things just aren’t the same. Almost everyone has lost respect for Tiger, and because of this, he has lost $22 million in endorsement deals from Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture.

As immoral and pitiful as Tiger Woods’s actions were, I can’t help but think what would have happened if he did this in, say 1960 when Nicklaus reined. Probably nothing. However, with all this being said, Tiger Woods will still go down in my book as the best golfer ever. I will remember him for having some of the gutsiest performances of all time and, of course, his classic fist pump.

Masters photo credit: http://screamsofgusjohnson.wordpress.com

The Mike Douglas Show video credit: www.youtube.com

Mr. and Mrs. Woods photo credit: http://www.dotsperiod.com/