Google vs. Microsoft. Will you Bing?

When I first started using computers in elementary school, I remember being told by my teacher to search using Ask Jeeves. At the time, Google was practically unknown (to me at least). Now Google is my homepage and the only place I go for an internet search.

Microsoft has launched its Bing search engine, but to no surprise, it has failed–at least in gaining any real leverage over the number one SE. What can anyone do to beat Google? It seems impossible. However, people are starting to get warm in their search for an answer. Teaming up with a major social media platform and reinventing the entire search environment could be what it takes to take a bite out of Google’s 72% of the pie.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that they are now teamed up with the guys at Facebook to recreate Internet search. Their plan is to incorporate each user’s Facebook friends into Bing. This new innovation will let you see if your friend “Likes” the jeans, ties, or Sperry’s that you’re looking to buy.

I think this could potentially be very cool and helpful, but only if all my friends switched over to Bing (which will never happen). I honestly think Facebook is making a mistake by teaming up with Microsoft, but they have done an amazing job with everything else in the past, so we’ll see what happens. Like Computerworld said in this article, “People prefer Google to Microsoft, but they prefer Facebook to Google.” Not everyone can just wait for their friends to switch to Bing. It’s going to take millions of people making the switch on their own. Will you ever say goodbye to Google?

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5 Responses to “Google vs. Microsoft. Will you Bing?”

  1. Niecey says:

    Yeah, I just don’t see it coming anywhere near google. I don’t think it’s anything google employees need to worry about at all. Nice idea though.

  2. Lori A. says:

    I love Google….it gives great results. I mostly use Swagbucks for my search engine, though, because I can earn a lot of gift certificates that way.

  3. Elizabeth N. says:

    We’re a divided household – I prefer Google and my hubby prefers Bing. I just don’t like Bing’s layout as much as the simplicity of Google. I use Swagbucks too (it’s free), but the results are far inferior to Google. I just use SB when I don’t really care. And as for teaming up with Facebook, I don’t think I would like to have all my searches tied to my FB account – there’s already enough issues with privacy, need we create more?

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