Weekly Blog Roundup

100 Days of Ties:

Will at Momentum of Failure is in the middle of a 100 day commitment to wear a tie to work in his casual work setting. In an effort to bring back traditional classiness to the workplace, he is urging others around the world to do the same. All he asks is that readers send in pictures (like this guy at The Effortless Gent) of their more formal day in the office.

The Social Network, Sean Parker:

Have you seen The Social Network yet? I just saw it on Saturday, and I highly suggest seeing it. In the film, Justin Timberlake plays the part of Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. Parker was heavily involved in the early stages of Facebook, but I’ll stop there so I don’t ruin the movie. Anyway, check out this blog post over at Men Style Power on the real Sean Parker who is apparently quite generous in real life. Very interesting article, especially after seeing the movie.

The REAL Sean Parker

Showing Some Skin:

When it comes to button-downs, there seems to be widespread confusion on the correct way to wear them. Do you only unbutton one button, or two…or three? What about if there are buttons on the collar? I always see people with those unbuttoned, but I was told growing up that I wasn’t supposed to do that. How do you think button-ups should be worn? Thighs Bigger Than Your Head gives their take.

New Ways to Shave:

Whether you are an electric razor guy like me, or a fan of the classic razors, you need to check out this blog post over at Be Better Guys. Michael Gillman from GroomingGuys.com gives his take on the two best razors on the market today, as well as, in his opinion, the best electric razor. Christmas is right around the corner, I may have just added something to my list.

Photo Credit: menstylepower.com

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