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Many men make the mistake of concentrating on the price, quality, and feel of a suit. What’s most important? Fit. After that, it’s the rest of your ensemble that matters, especially shoes and watch. Dappered dishes on how to wear a suit - it’s in the details.

How a suit “fits” is not a static definition. The Gent’s Gazette explores one early 20th century fitting style, theĀ English Drape. The English drape, a suit cut It was large and wrinkled around the shoulders and armpits, then sharply tapered around the waist.

Great idea, terrible idea? After proposing that bars set their own closing times, instead of all obeying the 2 AM curfew, Seattle mayoral candidate Mark McGinn won. Just A Guy Thing on the original news.

As Short Shrifted writes, the NYTimes was a little slow in picking up the guys rolling pants trend. Heck, it not only looks good, but it can accommodate those of us usually plagued with hem jobs.

Renting tuxes should be, if possible, avoided. However, if you’re absolutely positively certain that you’ll never need to wear a dinner jacket again, Guys Style Guide gives hints for a successful visit to a rental agency. The same advice applies for any clothes you might borrow.

It’s not just business casual that kills workplace dress. When attention isn’t paid to the fit of a suit and the material needed for the weather, the results are just a disastrous. Maketh the Man on dressing for work.

Swim trunks are not an accessory you should dismiss. Even swimwear has dos and don’ts, as A Man Of Style writes. Find a length that fits your body type and avoid anything too loud.

The past week was (capsule) New York, a menswear show. I can’t pick one post to highlight, so instead, here are some of my fav accounts of the week:

Photo credit: Gent’s Gazette

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