Lose The Socks During Summer

One time I wore Sperry Topsiders with socks and shorts. (There, I said it!) For those of us outside the men’s style bubble, rules about when to wear socks take a backseat to the more common rules, like match your belt to your shoes. Anything beyond that is fair game.

If you follow men’s style, you know that the no-sock look is stronger than ever. However, regardless of your style knowledge, you should at least know style rules. Coincidentally, following these style rules about wearing socks will help you mask much greater style sense.

  1. No socks with shorts
  2. No socks with deck shoes
  3. No socks with sandals

#1 assumes you aren’t wearing athletic shoes. This list excludes athletic wear. Oh, you’re wearing Reeboks while eating dinner? That’s another monster which I won’t dare tackle here.

When I wore socks with Topsiders, my reasoning was that my feet got all hot and sweaty without socks. After all, men’s style should never dominate practicality.

Which is why you need loafer socks. Basically, these are below-the-ankle socks. They’re a little harder to find than regular ankle socks. Put This On wrote earlier about possible options for men’s loafer socks. They’re too expensive; I just want cheap cotton socks so my feet don’t smell.

Solution: Women’s loafer socks. I went to Pay Less and got 3 pairs of Nike women’s loafer socks for $10, a better price than any offerings on Put This On’s post. There’s really no practically difference; I just suppose that women exhibit a greater demand for loafer socks than men.

That’s a shame, because it shows few men aren’t attempting the no-sock look. Think about all the possibilities: Sneakers, loafers, brogues, desert boots, deck shoes…Pretty much any shoes you wouldn’t wear with a suit in the summer. Losing the socks (or at least donning loafer socks) emphasizes your shoes, instead of the white cotton typically covering your ankle. If you’ve got good shoes, you want to show them off. You’ll also appear much more stylish than you actually may be.

#1 and #3 Photo credit: Sartorialist

#2 Photo credit: Ivy Style

4 Responses to “Lose The Socks During Summer”

  1. eddie says:

    i hate wearing socks i wear my vans without socks and my girlfriend never wears socks and she started ver young she dosnt own one pair of socks we live in california and like she just loves the feeling she works as a lifeguard and she like wearing her converse sockless and her vans and i love it

  2. Antome says:

    Hey I also wore black ankle socks with Topsiders and shorts :) or loafers and shorts. I really don’t regret the look, frankly I thought it was more daring yet cool not pairing them with socks, flaunting half of your feet and that the sock was simply a more “plain” normal and mainstream look. I won’t never wear no show socks, I either wear socks (ankle length and never white) or go without them, depending on climate and the condition of my feet, I’m not ashamed of showing I wear socks, as I always think of having to remove my shoes for whatever reason: if I wear ankle socks i’d just show the rest of my dressed foot and. If I was sockless, I’d simply show a bare foot. Nothing that would draw much attention, at least not negative attention. If I wear no show socks I’d show a foot with a piece of cloth around my heel and toes, then I’d be ashamed.

  3. TL says:

    Disgusting. Shoes without socks should be saved solely for women. (And at that, women with cute feet.) Guys are meant to wear socks. It’s why God gave us ugly feet. Even guys that don’t really have ugly feet (like me) still have ugly feet. Why? Because a size 11 1/2 foot simply can’t look cute. Going without socks is only going to make people think that the inside of your shoe must be absolutely disgusting. I see this “fad” constantly while flying (which I do twice a week) and I cringe each and every time.

    (I realize this is over two years old. Deal with it. I had to vent somewhere.)

  4. Romin Godzylla says:

    I don’t wear tennis shoes with out socks. My Dad did once when I was a kid because he was in a rush to get him & I pizza. I had socks on.
    putting shoes on barefooted causes your feet and shoes to smell. Some people do it as a habbit though. I don’t recommend you do it, but if you really do, that’s your business. Certain shoes can be worn w/ out socks like slippers (often people where them w/ pajama’s), pool shoes, sandals, flip flopes, or any other open-toed shoe. Dockers you should have socks on, but if you have more than 1 pair, then you can get by with it I guess. Going completely barefoot can also hurt your feet. So, I recommend you to wear shoes w/ socks when going out & at least have socks on when being around home all day.

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