How to Buy Ties

When buying ties, there are some precautions one ought to keep in mind, lest one walks out with a bad quality tie, a tie identical to the rest of ones wardrobe or a tie that’s impossible to match.

To ensure tie quality, let the tie hang down from your hand, with the middle over your hand. Make sure it drapes smoothly.

Additionally, a “slip stitch” is a looped thread on the back of a tie. If you open the back sides up, it should be woven into the lining. how to show for ties Try pulling the “slip stitch.” The tie should wrinkle together.

To guarantee that each tie will be matched properly, alternate between solids, stripes and patterns. This way, you won’t be stuck to ties of one style because only that style looks proper with your shirt and suit.

Also, resist buying flashy colors or unnecessary prints. Though a pink and cream striped tie looks swell on display, it can be a real pain to match. Good matching colors are navy blue, red, black and gold.

If you’re wondering how much you should spend on a tie, keep this in mind: Shoes, ties and the fit of a suit are the most telling signs of luxury. Some fashion bloggers will advise you to spend as much as you can afford. I say, spend as much as you do on your shirts.

If you’re wondering whether to purchase ties online, remember that personally feeling a tie is key to determining quality.  If you’re building a wardrobe, concrete stores are your best bet. However, if you’re searching for a specific design and color, or are confident in the quality of an online tie boutique, shopping for ties online can save you money as well as time.

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