Consider Buying Zipper Ties For Your Boys

Kids and neckties don’t mix. Let’s face it, efforts to dress up a first grader with a tie usually end in tears or bad ties. When my little brother received his First Communion last month, it was the later case. In every picture, his tie is tied two inches below his collar.

It’s not like we didn’t try to fix it.  But once a tie is tied once around a young child’s neck, how a zipper tie works they try to avoid that harrowing deal in the near future. Unfortunately, not adjusting his tie caused the poorly placed knot to be preserved for posterity in the form of pictures. Oh well.

So for those of you who reject clip-on ties, a better solution is available – our zipper ties. This is how they work: The material tied around the neck is one end of the zipper. The other end is the skinny end of the tie. The actual zipper is in the knot. When you pull the skinny end, the length around the neck is shortened, just like a real tie. You pull the neck band to the size needed to get it over your head.

If only my family had bought a product like the Boy’s Silver Zipper Tie. different sizes of zipper ties We could easily adjusted the tie without having to untie it. Not only that, but it exceeds the traditional clip-on in style. (It looks just like a real tie)  The tie comes in three different sizes. The sizes for boys range from 6 months to 10 years.

I tried on a men’s size. Though I was a little hesitant at first, zipper ties are easier to use than real ties, and look just as genuine. If one of your boys will be donning neckwear in the future, you should consider saving yourself a lot of heartache, tears and arguments by getting a zipper tie from our huge selection of zipper tie colors and patterns, fitting for any occasion. You’ll be happy with how it looks, and your little boy won’t be bothered by tying and adjusting it.

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