John Boehner’s Love Affair with Bright Green Ties

When I think of green ties, one name comes to mind – John Boehner. Ok, the bronzed Boehner is probably not your idea of a style icon. But no one else on Capitol Hill wears green neckwear as religiously as the House Minority Leader, especially in these summer months. The first page of a Google image search shows Boehner wearing green in 25% of the photos showing neckwear. That’s high for the Beltway, where red and blue rule the Congressional aisles as well as the collars.

John Boehner Wears Green Summer Ties

My hunch is that his emerald obsession stems from his skin color. Boehner’s tan bod’ is notorious among political bloggers, who speculate about its source. The Washington Post could not come to a definite conclusion on John Boehner’s tanning habits after surveying DC skin experts. Regardless, bright green ties paired with a dark, low-key suit and ordinary white oxford provide substantial enough contrast for a lawmaker. During the summer, when I assume his skin takes a darker tone, bright summer colors like green suit even better. Blue-green eyes aid the cause as well.

Curiously enough, O’Hara Designs, a Sydney boutique, associates the color green with phrases like “resolving conflict” and “working effectively.” That’s not exactly what springs to mind when thinking of Obama’s opposition in the House. Regardless, Boehner’s got a unique look. Here’s how to mimic it.

You’ll need to acquire some bright and lime green ties for the summer season. I recommend a solid, one with small patterns and a striped one with secondary colors like light blue. ABCNeckties’ Mint Woven Grid Silk Tie is a prime example of the first. Solid green seems to be a favorite of Boehner. If the tie is bold green, all that’s needed is a white oxford and a dark suit. You can add more contrast with a striped white and blue shirt. If the tie is striped, try a shirt color in one of the tie’s secondary stripe colors. Light gray or blue works well with any of the designs.

Bright green is an especially suitable color for summer. Now’s the time to break out the khaki suits and jackets; a bright green tie is a suitable complement. (no pun intended) Moreover, you just might find yourself on CNN.

Boehner #1 Photo credit : Texas on the Potomac

Boehner #2 Photo credit: Vogue Republic

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  1. World Wide News Flash says:

    John Boehner's Love Affair with Bright Green Ties…

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  2. Terryl says:

    Great! I’m glad you liked the post.

  3. Debbie says:

    Whoever wrote this should check out the photos of John’s parents. His skin pigment is inherited from his mother. And yes, even darker skinned people tan in the summer. I wonder if bloggers are commenting on anyone else’s skin color on Capitol Hill? Only politically acceptable for conservatives, heh?

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