Give Your Dad A New Flag Tie for Father’s Day

Give Your Dad A Tie Flag Gift for Father's DayMemorial Day just passed. July 4th and all its festivities – parades, barbecues, – will arrive in about a month. Between these two patriotic holidays, another important day occurs. June 20 is Father’s Day. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your dad for Father’s Day, give him one he’ll use during this patriotic time of year, like the Antique American Flag Tie. What’s more, June 14 is Flag Day! The stars have certainly aligned. (no pun intended) There’s no better time to give your dad an American flag tie.

Normally, I shy away from American flag ties, because the contrast is usually quite high between the red and white, which creates a loud piece of neckwear. The Antique Flag Tie is just as proud, but in muted colors. This way, your dad can wear the tie to a greater variety of 4th of July occasions. Heck, if he knows his boss is a bleeding heart American, Give your dad a flag tie for fathers day there’s no reason why your dad can’t break the norm of wearing novelty ties to work in order to showcase his love of country. The Antique Flag Tie isn’t just the flag plastered on a tie; the muted colors and background swirls turn it into a proper piece of neckwear.

As you can see, the longer the tie is tied, the more the stars show up. If you dad is on the shorter side, the proportion of stars to ties will shrink. I might consider getting the Flag Collage Tie instead. Just as patriotic, but in a repeating flag pattern. Though the ties are both 4” x 58”, the Flag Collage Tie might look better than a tie with only a smidgen of stars at the top.

When looking for gifts for Father’s Day, mind the season. Patriotism will soon sweep the country during July 4th, so give him a flag tie he can wear with pride.

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